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Meetings language options: English / Greek.

Evaluate, audit, list, and fix everything you do wrong in SEO. Jump into the first results of search engines in a few months (yes, we can prove that). Attract the direct customers you want. Combine it with our evidence-based results Google Ads service and propel your business growth! Fix everything, market correctly, and track accurately.


Hotel SEO Evaluator - Outrank Competitors


We are the first to build a complete digital marketing training (back in 2012) and own a comprehensive SEO course. Thus, we know our thing, and our clients prove that by staying with us for years.

Why do I need the Hotel SEO Evaluator service?

Before that, let us inform you that this is not a “cheap-o-rama” low-quality service based on “free tools.” It is a top-quality professional service. We pay and use sophisticated tools to do this work on top of our 20+ years of expertise. SEO is not something static, and when you aim for organic ranking on top of Google Ads, Social Media, OTAs, or anything else, you ought your business to do it right, once and for all.

Wait… What do you mean by “once and for all”? On-Page SEO works, and Off-Page SEO audits must be done, developed, or/and fixed once. Do that to build all other marketing efforts right. You don’t change “Hotel SEO” every month. You create a correct foundation and market your business on top of that. Ignore that, and it is like building on sand.

SEO for hotels or any other tourism, travel, or hospitality business is crucial:

  1. It lowers your Google Ads CPC
  2. It affects your messaging across all channels and your brand building
  3. It is not about the “let’s stuff keywords in content” thing
  4. It is an investment when you have a business in a specific destination and not a transferable one

Investing in all aspects of having -eventually- a correct SEO website brings back money and saves you money. That is the whole truth. If you haven’t discovered this yet, you were not adequately informed about all the benefits.

Hotel SEO or hospitality SEO is not to replace Google Ads, SoMe, or other actions. It enhances them and is part of the necessary (crucial) digital marketing mix you need.

What do I get with the Hotel SEO Evaluator?

We offer two tiers of services for websites up to 20 pages (in one language). We have such limits because the necessary work is so thorough that although 20 pages seem a few, they are not at all, and you will see that in our report. If you have a 20 pages website and you manage to rank even 5-10 of these in search engines, your business will increase in traffic and targeted audience. That is the difference between strategy and generic non-strategized SEO.

Tier 1: Audit & Corrections

  1. Tech SEO: Complete Tech Auditing for On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.
  2. Backlinks Health.
  3. Content Structure SEO: Hierarchy and structure audit.
  4. Keywords SEO Discovery: Difficulty Factors for Ranking for up to 15 keywords.
  5. Long-Tail Analysis: Identifying Long-Tail Phrases.
  6. SEO Competition Research: Threats and Opportunities.
  7. Secondary audit to ensure everything was implemented correctly (must be done within 45 days of purchasing the Tier 1 service).

Direct benefit: A correct SEO website with all the data you need to develop affordable organic and social ranking content.

Receivables: A highly detailed list of actions for your team (developers and marketing). They will use it to implement everything.

Tech notes: If your website is in WordPress/Woocommerce and adequately developed, we can make the necessary modifications for an affordable fee. This service does not include the cost since the number of issues will dictate the amount of work. We have over 15 years of experience with WP/Woo. We can fix anything.

Tier 2: Action & Content Marketing Plan

  1. Full-Scale planning for up to 10 topics.
  2. Detailed instructions to create 10 SEO travel/destination articles (or we can create them for you (in English) for an extra affordable fee.
    1. All keywords, resources, and structure are included; you only create the article.
  3. Proposal for backlinks to increase your domain authority and ranking (actual backlinks cost is per case, not included here)
  4. Four months of ranking monitoring & reporting.
  5. If you use WP, we can insert the articles into your website.

Direct benefit: Content that can rank and add value to your website visitors to increase the decision probability.

Receivables: Strategically created articles (photos not included) and consulting/suggestions, with ranking in mind; not just “informative.”

What’s next after this service?

Let’s fix everything right first. When done, you can choose one of our recurring Organic Ranking services or/and Google Ads or Social Media services and watch your business grow monthly.

Additional information


Tier 1 Audit, Tier 2 Content Marketing, Both Discounted

Our Expertise

Head Consultant

Christos Vasilopoulos, CPC, Digital Marketing & Business Growth

Christos Vassilopoulos has two decades of continuous work in business development, providing business analysis and improvement services, digital marketing, and coaching with clientele in Greece and abroad.

He is a City College (Analysis/Programming) graduate and a certified professional coach through the International Coaching Association (I.C.A.). He is also a registered member of the I.C.F. (International Coaching Federation) and I.C.F. Greece.

Chris has provided digital marketing and growth services since 2001. He has also been a trainer for startups and small, medium, and multinational companies in Greece and abroad. Since 2012 he has designed and executed two major eLearning training programs. 

He participates as a partner in international projects of Erasmus+ that focus on wellness & mindfulness, collaborating with universities, N.G.O.s, and research organizations. 

He is actively involved as a partner in sustainable tourism and local development projects. On a personal level, he is a husband, father of 2 children, CrossFit athlete, and a keen outdoorsman. All of the above contribute to his in-depth understanding of business development and the development of the individual in a multifaceted and holistic way, both from the aspects of structures, goals, and systems, as well as from the aspect of the well-being of the people involved.

How it Works

Deliverables & Specifications

Cancellations & Returns

Our priority is always to receive an impeccable experience. You are entitled to a refund (excluding money transfer fees or/and any applicable taxes), no-questions-asked, in these cases:

  • If you cancel your purchased services up to seven days before any single or multi-session service starts.
  • For multi-session services: If you decide that the service was not what you had in mind at the end of the 1st session, you only pay for that 1st session and receive the remaining fees. Example: In a 7-session service, the price is divided into seven equal parts, and you pay one-seventh (1/7th).

Special Refunds Policies

  • For products/services where we start working immediately when purchased, you can cancel them and receive a full refund within no further than 2 days after the purchase. For transparency reasons we will email you when we start working with these. Examples are: SEO services, Google Ads services, Social Media services, other consulting services.