Fear this liar book

Fear This Liar

Your practical self-coaching for business or life, in a book. 

Unleash the power within yourself to break free from the chains holding you back. With 400 pages of expert guidance, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge to understand fears, banish anxiety, and relieve stress. Imagine living a calmer and happier life with a profound sense of meaning and purpose.

Available as Amazon eBook (Kindle) and Paperback.

They said

five stars review

Fear this enemy… Christos Vasilopoulos is giving to mankind a life changing gift. His book! For me it’s more than a book. It’s more than a guide. It’s more than a conversation with someone that knows and cares. It’s a path to self knowledge and change!!! I am going to buy this book as a gift to all of my beloved people. They deserve to make their lives better.
~ Avgi A.- USA

Find in the book

Hot tip: Do jump to the Conclusion page before you read the book.

Section 1: The Mindset Shift

Eleven (11) chapters that introduce you to a new way of thinking. You will start seeing yourself and all things around you in a completely connected way. This section dives you into fear types.

Section 2: The Deep Dive

Twenty two (22) chapters where I share personal examples for 22 types of fear and examples of others. In this section you will learn each fear origins, how to know if you have it, what issues it causes to you, different methods to deal with it and how you might feel when you get rid of it. That is just the basic information; you get more.

Section 3: Going Practical

Twelve (12) chapters to explore many practical methods to help you start "seeing" and understanding. Learn what you can immediately apply. All chapters provide methods that help you start seeing so to move towards freedom.

Book contents

Fundamentals: Preparing the mind to conquer fear

  1. When is the best time to change?
  2. When does a person act for their benefit?
  3. “There is no spoon”
  4. The interdependence of everything
  5. Are you the best thing that ever happened to you?
  6. What is the origin of fear?
  7. What is the origin of Limiting Beliefs?
  8. What is the origin of desire?
  9. What is the correlation between fear and desire?
  10. A heads-up on fears
  11. Always ask: Why, What, and How

Fear types; how to find if you have them; mindset change & outcomes

  1. Fear of the opinion of others
  2. Fear of the impostor syndrome
  3. Fear of getting deceived
  4. Fear of being an insufficient parent
  5. Fear of failure
  6. Fear of rejection
  7. Fear of financial loss
  8. Fear of death
  9. Fear of ending a toxic relationship
  10. Fear of success
  11. Fear of losing my freedom
  12. Fear of loneliness
  13. Fear of old age
  14. Fear of change
  15. Fear of the end of civilization
  16. Fear of war
  17. Fear of creating relationships
  18. Fear of career change
  19. Fears in the workplace
  20. Fear of selling to people I don’t know
  21. Fear of supporting my opinions
  22. Fear of public speaking

Practical ways to start taking back your freedom and life

  1. The secret of the common mail inbox
  2. Techniques to stay in the present moment
  3. How to discuss with others
  4. The importance of physical exercise
  5. Develop a growth mindset
  6. The Role of support systems in overcoming fears
  7. What is the importance of rituals in dealing with fears
  8. Can praying help me with my fears?
  9. Can a coach help me overcome my fears?
  10. The role of meditation in overcoming fears
  11. The role of mindfulness in overcoming fears
  12. How does breathing help with calming down?
  13. Conclusion
  14. Resources & next steps

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Conquer the fear for anything: The Coaching

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A word from the author

Aren’t you tired of living in fear? I bet you are. The struggle is real, and it can become exhausting. How many times have you felt that you were about to spread your wings and reach new heights, but in the last moment, some sort of invisible leash kept you chained to the ground? Probably a lot. Lots of us have been through this one way or another, and relationships of all kinds are influenced.

This transformative book will make you discover how to get rid of fear. It focuses on deep soul-searching, philosophical wisdom, and empirical approaches for a mindset shift that will allow you to live a fearless, happy life, free of self-doubt.

Each chapter reveals a new way of thinking that doesn’t leave room for complex wordings and motivational jargon. The pivotal introductory first part helps you see things from an entirely different perspective and prepares you to go deeper into your soul-searching. You’ll get to know the different types of fear in a structured manner that provides answers to questions such as:

  • Do I have this fear?
  • Why might I have it?
  • What are its origins?
  • What are the approaches I can follow to overcome it?
  • How will it look and feel when I’m no longer under its influence?

In the last part, you’ll find practical exercises that will propel you into living your best life yet on your own terms.

With the book’s doable tips and valuable insights, it’s your turn to break the chains of fear and unlock the power you have in you. Like every journey in life, freedom starts with the first step. Turn the pages and become a changed person.

christos vasilopoulos coach consultant growth hacker


Christos Vasilopoulos is a multi-professional with a highly analytical mind. However, all his knowledge and professional experience led him to focus on the single point of helping businesses or individuals. He is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a Growth Consultant with over 22 years of experience in business growth strategies. His initial software analysis and programming training has endowed him with keen analytical skills. Early in his career, he took on significant roles in digital growth firms, managing diverse teams. In 2007, he founded his own business, which he has been running successfully ever since.

Through extensive self-exploration, observation, the study of esoteric books, meditation, interaction with clients and their needs, and every possible way he had at his disposal to look deep into his mind and feelings, he has been able to acquire a significant amount of information about the fears and obstacles hindering people’s success – including his own. 

He integrated these findings into a new paradigm that businesses and people can use to grow.

Fear this liar book