Business & Personal Branding and Rebranding Discovery Meeting

Meetings language options: English / Greek.

Inconsistency, lack of unified communication, and incorrect personal and business branding kill your startup and growth efforts. Your messages toward your clients suffer; you have zero benchmarking and evaluation methods to test if your marketing works. The solution is to set or fix your overall branding or re-branding strategy. Then things will fall into place and will make sense.


Business & Personal Branding and Rebranding


Branding or rebranding can be personal, business-wise, or a combination of both, where the increased value of one enhances the other. This service is ideal for any business or person, travel and hospitality included (Hotels, F & B, Wellness, Activities, Thematic, Agencies).

Let’s talk. Let’s find out your case and start with building your branding strategy.

Why do you need branding?

Your branding strategy is not a luxury. With a clear purpose and positioning, it is far easier to see how to create your business or personal identity and align all your marketing and sales efforts. Otherwise, you will only experiment with mixed services, ideas, people, technology and resources. Time will fly, and money will be lost. Why to do that? Avoid doing what many businesses do, only to discover years later that they should have started right.

Branding is beyond the logo or the colors of your business. It goes deep into the essence of who you are, who you want to attract, and with what purpose. Your valuable offer to your audience must relate to all these.

Branding is strategized before you write a word or design a single dot. It affects paid promotions, organic reach, social media, offline activities, CRM, values, and teams. It affects you, the business owner, towards manifesting your vision.

Brands that succeeded and still exist have much more depth in their core beyond the person who “runs their Google Ads.”

Proper branding makes it easier to cope with changes and crises.

With our affordable branding services, we:

  1. Understand the history and the values of your persona/idea/business.
  2. Create the necessary strategic communication.
  3. Define your image and “wannabe.”
  4. Create the appropriate content of all types and forms.
  5. Communicate what your audience must understand.
  6. Evaluate and track the results and conversions.

Either for business or personal branding, we can help you answer questions like:

  1. How can I re-introduce myself or my business to my market, associates, and clients?
  2. How can I revamp my public image?
  3. How can I start a new business activity, work, or career?
  4. What do I want to achieve?
  5. What is my Unique Value Proposition?
  6. How do I see myself or/and my business?
  7. What is my brand statement?
  8. What are my actual SWOTs?
  9. How to measure milestones success?
  10. How to find and track my KPIs?
  11. What are the dangers to have in mind?
  12. How to acquire self-mastery?


Step 1: Get 90 minutes of deep discussion where we discuss and analyze your primary goals and what you want to achieve.

Step 2: Our branding team of experts will create a tailor-made plan just for you. When you buy that plan, this 1st discussion fee will be deducted.

Our Expertise

Head Consultant

Christos Vasilopoulos, CPC, Digital Marketing & Business Growth

Christos Vassilopoulos has two decades of continuous work in business development, providing business analysis and improvement services, digital marketing, and coaching with clientele in Greece and abroad.

He is a City College (Analysis/Programming) graduate and a certified professional coach through the International Coaching Association (I.C.A.). He is also a registered member of the I.C.F. (International Coaching Federation) and I.C.F. Greece.

Chris has provided digital marketing and growth services since 2001. He has also been a trainer for startups and small, medium, and multinational companies in Greece and abroad. Since 2012 he has designed and executed two major eLearning training programs. 

He participates as a partner in international projects of Erasmus+ that focus on wellness & mindfulness, collaborating with universities, N.G.O.s, and research organizations. 

He is actively involved as a partner in sustainable tourism and local development projects. On a personal level, he is a husband, father of 2 children, CrossFit athlete, and a keen outdoorsman. All of the above contribute to his in-depth understanding of business development and the development of the individual in a multifaceted and holistic way, both from the aspects of structures, goals, and systems, as well as from the aspect of the well-being of the people involved.

How it Works

Deliverables & Specifications

Cancellations & Returns

Our priority is always to receive an impeccable experience. You are entitled to a refund (excluding money transfer fees or/and any applicable taxes), no-questions-asked, in these cases:

  • If you cancel your purchased services up to seven days before any single or multi-session service starts.
  • For multi-session services: If you decide that the service was not what you had in mind at the end of the 1st session, you only pay for that 1st session and receive the remaining fees. Example: In a 7-session service, the price is divided into seven equal parts, and you pay one-seventh (1/7th).

Special Refunds Policies

  • For products/services where we start working immediately when purchased, you can cancel them and receive a full refund within no further than 2 days after the purchase. For transparency reasons we will email you when we start working with these. Examples are: SEO services, Google Ads services, Social Media services, other consulting services.